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Sample Sales and what to know.

Updated: December 12, 2023

Sample sales are a great opportunity for brides to find their dream dress at a discounted price.

What is a sample sale?

A sample sale is when a wedding gown boutique, such as Dimitra’s Bridal, will sell their in-store samples at a discounted price. Instead of ordering a gown that will take 6-8 months to be created, a bride is able to have the gown right off the rack. This option is especially beneficial for brides who are having a short engagement and do not have the luxury of time. It is also a great opportunity for brides with a strict budget, but who dream of a designer wedding gown,

Benefits of sample sales.

The main benefit of a sample sale is that it is generally designer gowns, sold for a fraction of the price. Brides that have always dreamed of a designer wedding gown but do not love the pricing can now have their wedding cake and eat it too! In addition, sample sales usually include a wide range of styles and sizing, making it easy for brides of all body types to find the perfect dress.

Tips for shopping sample sales.

Be open minded! When shopping for a sample gown you’ll want to try all styles and silhouettes at your disposal. To be honest, you may fall in love with a gown you never expected. Also, the gowns are always handled carefully and with love, however, they are sample gowns and may have some rips, zipper issues and loss of beadwork. Do not fret, that is when the alterations team comes in. Any gown can be reworked to fit properly and look brand new.

When to shop Dimitra’s Bridal samples?

At the end of the year, Dimitra’s will host a yearly sample sale. To be up to date on events like sample sales, trunk shows, etc. follow us on Instagram. You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter. However, you do not have to wait for an end of the year sale to buy a sample. Some of Dimitra’s samples are available for purchase year-round. When you make your appointment, mention that you are interested in samples and your consultant will have a better idea of what to show you going into the appointment.



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