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Tony Ward

Price Range:
$4,000 - $20,000

Haute Couture design
meets Regal Whimsy

Lebanese-Italian fashion designer Tony Ward has never failed to impress us with his magnificent visions and attention to detail. The designer has two bridal collections, La Mariee, his couture collection, and Bridal.

There is no question that Tony Ward’s La Mariee line will leave the bride and grooms guests speechless. The 2023 Collection features exquisite details with very dramatic trains. Each gown has a veil that will make the cathedral they are getting married in look small. The name of the gowns start with Nostalgia, a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, Bright Love, giving off or filled with much light, Spectral, bold and spiritual, etc…etc…

When reading over the names you will feel the Love that the designer puts in creating every detail of every gown. When you put the gowns on you will feel like you are royalty.

The 2023 Bridal collection by Tony Ward is called Dance With Me. There is no question that the collection is inspired by music. Each gown is named after a musical instrument, (Xylophone, Cymbal, and Chords, etc.) You will immediately see how his attention to detail resembles a musical symphony. Every piece is designed with the perfect balance of lace, tavettal, tulle, and hand made embroidery.

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