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Updated: March 4, 2024

For centuries, beadwork has been a cherished art form, embellishing wedding gowns with intricate designs. With a plethora of bead types and techniques available, the possibilities are endless. From the delicate touch of lace to the dazzling sparkle of crystal on silk or satin, beadwork can enhance any fabric, from luxurious silk mikado to ethereal French lace. Each beadwork style adds its own unique charm and elegance to the garment, making it a truly timeless and exquisite addition to any bridal ensemble.

This weekend, Dimitra’s Bridal is set to host two highly anticipated trunk shows featuring renowned designers known for their exceptional beadwork. The intricate beadwork crafted by these designers has the power to completely elevate the look of a gown, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. Despite both designers’ expertise in beadwork, their styles couldn’t be more distinct. Brides-to-be attending the trunk shows will have the exciting opportunity to explore two vastly different collections, each offering its own unique aesthetic and charm.

Leah da Gloria & Beadwork

Leah da Gloria’s gowns are one-of-a-kind and a lot of that is attributed to her intricate beadwork. Her designs are created with a woman’s figure in mind and the beadwork meticulously accentuates that. Beads are specifically placed to enhance a bride’s figure. It may create a inner curve by the waistline or outer by the hips. Either way, each bead is thoughtfully designed to stay true to the designer’s aesthetic.

Stephen Yearick & Beadwork

Stephen Yearick wedding gowns take glam to the next level. Their beaded gowns leave no part of the fabric untouched and create a true piece of art. Peals, crystals, rhinestones and more are used to create motifs ranging from feminine and floral to modern and architectural. The brides looking for a show=stopper, look no further than Stephen Yearick’s latest collection.



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