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What to know before your appointment!

Updated: August 16, 2023

Your Style

What is your bridal style? Most people wouldn’t think of that on a day-to-day basis, so, how do you figure that out? Ultimately, your style will be and should be true to your everyday style, just turned up a notch. For example. if you are a classic dresser, you are most likely going to go for a traditional or clean look, not a ballgown with beads and feathers. Having an idea of your bridal style before your appointment will give your consultant, and you, a much better idea of the type of gown you are looking for. Do your research beforehand; be sure to troll Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. and keep a file of gowns and designers you are drawn to and show your consultant. In regard to designers, research what boutiques carry them and make your appointments accordingly. Don’t forget to ask about particular designer’s trunk shows! Bonus tip: Be open to trying on a silhouette, fabric, detail, etc. you would never expect to love!


The least fun aspect of it all, your budget. Tried and true to life, the budget and what yours’ is, is a MUST consider before your appointment. Before you even make your appointment, talk with your significant other and/or any family members contributing to the purchase of your gown and decide on a realistic budget. Decide if your budget includes just the gown, gown and alterations, gown and alterations and accessories…you get the point. Once your budget is locked down, do your research on salons that carry gowns with your style and designers you love within your budget. Set on a designer but don’t want to spend the money? Ask the salon if they sell their samples. A sample sale is the best way to get the couture designer gown of your dreams at a price that works with your budget.

Dress Shopping Crew

When scheduling your appointment, definitely think about you who want to come with you. You may also want to ask the salon if they have a guest policy. Need more help? Check out our post “How Many People Do I Bring?”.


Wear them! Also, wear ones you think you would like to wear in a couture gown. Do you have shapewear you definitely want to wear? Do not worry too much about a bra because most gowns aren’t compatible and have cups built in, as it is. Don’t forget, you will most likely be wearing a white gown, so the closer to your skin tone the undergarment is, the better!

Quick Tips

  1. Eat something light before your appointment! Hydrate! Save the boozy brunch for celebrating after :).
  2. Be on time. There is usually a time limit to the appointment, especially on the weekends. You want to make sure to take advantage of the full allotted time.
  3. Ask about trunk shows and samples available for purchase. Check out our upcoming trunk shows here!

Dimitra’s Bridal cannot wait to see you at the salon – be sure to make your appointment online and call with any questions!



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