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Ysa Makino

$4,500 - $10,000

Design Through Texture

Ysa Makino gowns are statement pieces for brides who want to steal the show! This is an over the top, super stylized collection that unabashedly uses color, texture, beadwork and draping, sometimes all in the same dress! The Ysa Makino collection gives a nod to tradition, but then twists convention around itʼs little finger resulting in gowns that are bold, trend setting, high impact centerpieces the entire wedding can be styled around.
These gowns are often featured on “The Brides of Beverly Hills” and the red carpet. Fully customizable, the design house is one of very few who still cut the gown to the measurements of the bride, rather than use a size chart. Visit the Ysa Makino website for more information.

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Ysa Makino Designer Gowns

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