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$7,000 - $12,000


Twin sisters Gabriela and Cristina Antonescu co design one of the most remarkable bridal collections in the world.  These wedding dresses are truly art-works of lace and tulle that have been delicately embellished by hand.  The collection is subtle and airy yet rich, combining the traditional to the utterly ethereal.  The sister duo fearlessly combines fabric, texture, and shape, to design effortless silhouettes that are organic, asymmetric and diaphanous. The dresses are rendered in outstanding quality fabrics – be it in the form of silk organza, silk taffeta, Italian tulle or designers’ long time favorite sophisticated French lace – complemented by superior execution techniques and gracefully adorned with brand’s signature hand-made embroideries with Swarovski pearls, beads and crystals.

Celebrated for their signature hand-made embroideries and royal aesthetics the collection has been a favorite the world over of fashion icons, socialites, celebrities, and women with a pronounced taste for impeccable bespoke designs. Their distinguished creations gained them rapid recognition and many awards, which set Ersa Atelier on the ascendant way of becoming the luxury brand it is today. Since their debut, Cristina and Gabriela Antonescu have been the designers of choice for women all over the world looking for that here-comes-the-unforgettable-bride feel that only their dresses convey so naturally.

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